Best Birth Control Reminder Apps

contraception reminder

Need a reminder to take your birth control in the morning or want to track your cycle? These great period tracker and birth control reminder apps are the perfect option for women who rely on different forms of birth control.

1. myPill

The myPill birth control reminder is perfect for women who use all forms of contraception. The app sends daily reminders at the time you want to take your pill every day, automatically stops reminders for the days you?re on your cycle and restarts based on when your pack starts. Though it?s most useful for women taking the pill, there is also an option to adjust settings based on using a birth control ring and birth control shot. The app is available for free for both ios and android.

2. Don?t Forget the Pill – Birth Control Reminder

For this app, available on both ios and android, women add information, such as type of pill they?re taking, time they take it at, amount of active pills taken each month and whether they take the placebo pills. You?re able to see twelve months, so you can plan events and vacations around your cycle easily.

3. Clue – Period Tracker

The Clue Period Tracker app includes a lot of great features, such as prediction of your next period, notifications of your fertility window, explanations of different PMS symptoms and birth control reminders. The app is free for ios, android and windows phone.

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