Staying Comfortable In The Summer Heat During Pregnancy

summer pregnancy tipsIt’s summer, it’s hot and you’re pregnant. Is the high number on the thermostat causing you more discomfort?

Try these five tips for staying comfortable in the summer heat during pregnancy:

1. Plan errands and walks in the morning

Take care of outdoor tasks in the morning when it’s a bit cooler. Also if temperatures are expected to exceed 90, limit activity on those days including in the morning.

2. Reduce your sodium intake

Sodium is important during pregnancy because it contains iodide. However, reducing sodium intake will help reduce swelling.

3. Wear breathable clothing

Wearing natural fabrics, such as cotton and linen, will prevent sweat stains and heat rashes. It’s also important to wear lighter colors because dark colors attract more sunlight.

4. Use damp washcloths to cool down

Put a cool, damp washcloth on your neck to reduce body temperature and sweating.

5. Apply sunscreen

Skin tends to burn easily during pregnancy. Apply sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 prior to sun exposure.

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